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D BOAT SXM – Making Waves yet again!

D BOAT SXM – Making Waves

Press Release : SEPTEMBER 2019

In May 2019 with a new management team and much enthusiasm D-Boat SXM moved from the Lagoon dockside location to its ocean mooring between Kim Sha Beach and Simpson Bay Beach swiftly set up the water park, full bar and restaurant. Over the school break – summer vacation it was the St. Maartens newest hot spot or rather wet‘n wild water park and ultimate daytime excursion. Many tourists and locals got to experience this one of a kind adventure on and in the water for the first time ever in St. Maarten! Establishing a 5 out of 5 stars ranking on TripAdvisor.

The beauty of being a floating water park / boat is that she can move! The D-Boat SXM team is pleased to announce the next move which is partly due to the season’s inclement weather advisories, as safety is always a key factor in D-Boat SXM operations. She soon heads to a central Lagoon mooring adjacent Princess Julianna International Airport conveniently between the French and Dutch sides.

Be sure to stay tuned to the Facebook page if you want to witness the epic large vessel crossing through the Simpson Bay Bridge as exact day and time is TBD but will be made into a Facebook event once established. Also be sure to follow as a new sequel kicks off… as the story continues from D-Boat SXM – Dockside, to D- Boat SXM WaterPark and now to D-Boat SXM – Lagoon. Cause aboard D-Boat SXM the adventure always continues!

Now booking events, private parties and for sure will be hosting public parties as well!

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