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The Make or Break and the “Walking Wallet”


This next year is going to be “make or break” in many of our re-opened businesses. The owners that understand the locals and our circumstances will be the ones that survive. The business owners that take the time to greet their clients with a handshake, make conversation among the patrons, teach their staff to do the same, treat people with respect, treat each person that enters like a human… these will be the surviving business. It’s not that locals need so much attention, but it is the same businesses, that will do the same for the visiting tourist. The best method of advertising is “word of mouth” and a local will ONLY recommend a business that treats them nicely as well.

Whether it’s a Local or a Tourist that walks into your establishment, whether they will spend $5 or $500… we should be treated the same. No one should ever be only viewed as a “walking wallet” and how many dollars can get squeezed out of them.

The truth lies within the past, take a look at the long time Businesses owners such as Topper and Jimbo. Topper is there every day at lunch and will surely love to engage with anyone the walks in. Jimbo is there every night and loves to meet you. They survived Louis and the will survive Irma. It’s in the personal touch and truly enjoying meeting people of all kinds, from all over the world AND the people that live right here in SXM.

Places like Nowhere Special, Rusty Rocket, Snoopy’s and Emilios will also survive. They understand and respect the local community. They add the personal touch, as the owners are usually there if you’d like to meet them. Oba Oba owners are at their bar every night and they are interesting people and excited to get to know you!

We are still in Post-Irma economy and we are in “low season” it is important to feature specials or have options at a “local pricing.” If a patron buys a bunch of beers for their friends, well why not offer them a few inexpensive rum shots? If someone wants to watch a sports match at your establishment, but they aren’t going to just buy drink after a drink, let them sit there and enjoy it. It’s having a crowd that draws a bigger crowd. The illusion of being the funnest place that everyone wants to go to, creates your establishment into the funnest place to go. People go out to socialize, not to just open their wallet and dump it on the bar.

We should all think like this at customer service based businesses… treat me like a “Walking Wallet” well I’m walking out of here… treat me like a person and I’ll be back tomorrow!

So the “Make or Break” is the whether the business owner chooses Humanity over the “Walking Wallet” mentality.


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