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We took a foodie foot tour around Philipsburg!

We believe the best thing to do when travelling is to learn directly from the “horses-mouth” so to speak… and by that we mean… to get a tour from a local resident that really knows what they are talking about. With so many business that had to shut down after last hurricane season, we realized that no one really knows what exactly has re-opened and what New places are popping up! We decided to get to the bottom of this with the knowledgeable Ankie, the Senior Epicurean Guide of Flavors Food Tours.

We’d have to award Dereck’s with the “Hidden Gem” award for local food in Philipsburg. Soft reggae vibes and a vegetative oasis offering a nice relaxed cool vibes for a nice break from the hot hustle and bustle of the streets and shopping.

This place is named Jo’s BBQ but seems to be a great new local BBQ tent set up with karaoke gear in place for Friday Nights.  Might just be the “Lolo’s” we needed in town! It is located on Back Street.

Flaco Cafe also on Back Street had a modern clean set up to it, with great local food options. Antoine’s on the Boardwalk is re-opened with prices catering towards the local crowds.


The little Irie Garden cafe has local foods and fresh juices in this lovely park setting bridging Boardwalk to Front Street.


Shieka’s was already a favorite between the shopping days, but we notice in addition to the great local hot food they have the fresh fruits and vegetables for healthy juices. The nicely painted wall adds a local ambience quite pleasantly.

Lizzy’s in the center of the boardwalk has been renovated to brand new with vibrant island colors, red, yellow and green! They have a french breakfast menu , great lunch even for those business people to take a break and they are open for dinner as well. We saw them stringing up lights for the evening time and they mentioned putting a light out to highlight the beach.


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