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Make sure what happens in SXM doesn’t stay in SXM, capture your Island Dreams for eternity!

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 11.01.08 AM.pngSure you can snap a selfie, ask someone to take your photo then hand over your phone / camera, smile while nervous the person may run off with it or drop it, you can have one person jump out of the group to take the group photo and then switch with someone and joke about how you will somehow photoshop them back into the photo to capture the entire group. Or you can hire “Island Dreams” professional photography team to be there for the special moments to capture the entire group. Or you can book “Island Dreams” as a portraits session gift for a loved one. Hey after about 100 selfies you usually end up with 1 pretty Instagram worthy image, but nothing will ever compare to a planned photo shoot with full attention from a team of professional photographers. Several great images to share, re-share, tweet, chat, snap, sext and set in stone your certain time and place in paradise! Those captured images will never age and in a digital world they will go into eternity for your next generations of friends, family and fans to always cherish!

Whether you are enjoy living in St. Maarten – St. Martin or are visiting with only limited amount of time… make sure what happens in SXM doesn’t stay in SXM!

Ask about Portraits Sessions, Engagement Announcement Photos, Family / Group Packages, Pregnancy/Infant/Baby/Kids/ Teens/Family Photos, Special Occasions and Holidays!



Be sure to have these “Island Dreams” recorded in a way that they can by cherished for eternity!

Meet the Team: Martha will assist with the session bookings and questions.  She will assist with pulling out your creative visions. She will watch out for the feminine details such as hair / clothing blowing in the correction direction and even show you poses that will relate to the photographer well. She may pop off a few photos or even try to jump into a photo! Her main passion lies within promoting the island, its beauty and all the wonderfully exciting colorful moments. As for Atu… well he might be seen “sleeping on the job” (j/k) … but somehow pulls off stunning photography with his unique eye. He will adjust your vision into something spectacular with his knowledge of body positioning,  lighting and locations. He also handles the late night re-touching / post-production to make for the speediest turn-around time in the country! Some photos are usually ready for posting online within 24 hrs after your shoot.

Words from the team: “Dream up your island dream and we’ll make it come true!”


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