Beach Opening Pool Bar Resort

A slice is paradise!

We searched for the area that will completely make you forget that Irma, Maria and Jose even happened. Just the real feeling on “being on vacation” was the aim. We really didn’t have to go much further than Kim Sha Beach, just steps away there is The Simpson Bay Beach Resort with 2 awesome pool bars, the little beach over looking Kim Sha and Simpson Bay offer that private feeling. The pool bar has a girl delivering pina coladas and such with also a featured happy hour 2-4-1. So what the heck, even we decided on splurging on sugary blended refreshments! As the sunsets over the ocean the memory is Irma slipped far into the past… we were “on vacation” as we spectated the final boats races of the Heineken Regatta.


Certainly we will have to try out restaurant called La Patrona. Already fans of the Replay Bar… and it’s large NYC Style pizzas. Pleasantly surprised with the pool bar and the easy ability to order decently priced food to the beach. Makes for a nice change from usual favorite hot beach spots such as Karakter, Baie Rouge, Sunset Beach Bar and Mullet Bay Beach. One day our beloved Orient will return with lots of restaurant options, til then we recommend this lil hidden gem!

img 6436 - A slice is paradise!


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