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Garden Market goes Green, Lean and Coffee Bean!

Ok first of all we have to congratulate Garden Market in the heart of Simpson Bay for being one of the first and only Markets to re-open just after Irma. When supplies such as drinking water were extremely running low and looters running rampant it was Garden Market that decided to shift their method of operating by a stand out front to have requested items delivered to maintain safety and order. This is exactly what SXM needed, was for business owners to quickly think outside the box, adapt and react and somehow work past fears to allow for provisions to get to the devastated people. To prove that re-opening was possible, that the best way to bounce back was to relaunch with an adjusted concept. That yes charity efforts and relief items were coming but, it’s normal procedures of cash purchases and specific groceries items that the individual has needs for is what is important to kick start an very uncertain economy.

GO LEAN : Second of all, just take a visit and the first area you walk into now greets you with fresh roasted Starbucks coffee, fresh smoothies, sushi to go, hot full rotisserie chicken spinning available around 11am at a very reasonable price point, corn on the cob for $1.50 ready to eat, hand cut wedge fries for $1 and Chicken wings in an easy to grab and go fashion. Wow getting hungry just thinking about all the choices! The thing is… we are all extremely busy these days with the rebuild, charity efforts, looking for more work, trying our best to make everything seem fine to or youth by having normal beach days and of course we also have to support our local bars even from time to time! But what we the people of SXM need is healthy food options in a fast way… and you really don’t have to go further than Garden Market as you are probably driving by at some point anyhow.

GOING GREEN : They have also started an initiative to use biodegradable cups and utensils which is a commendable effort of their end, with hope that other business follow suite. This is for sure one way to detour some of the beach trash.




MR. COFFEE BEAN : Meet the Barista, Mr. Christian Peper who will be more than happy to give you a sample and discuss differences in the Starbucks coffee roasts. A refreshing java personality that will boost your mood as you shuffle through to the rest of the store which includes the already famous hot daily breakfast and lunch buffet.







  1. Thank you for your kind words!
    We got new coffee beans for our espresso coffee yesterday and will now serve these when ordering black coffees or a cortado. The Rwandan light roast is high is natural sweetness and acidity and will please you much more than the standard beans, who are used in our milk coffees.

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