Community Fitness Sunday

March 18 th | Annual Mini Triple Triathalon | Trisport | Simpson Bay | Sunday | 7 am


The annual Mini Triple Triathlon offers something for everyone! Whether you are trying your very first triathlon or are a seasoned athlete, you will find a fun challenge on March 18th.

The event consists of three short triathlons at 7am, 8am and 9am, and you can choose to do one, two or all three, however prizes will be awarded only to the participants who complete all three races.

Course Description:
Swim – 200M Rectangular course from Maho Beach

Bike – 8.5Km – Exit from Sunset Beach Bar and turn left passing Maho Beach to the roundabout at Maho, then turn right to the airport, turning at the roundabout with the Pelicans. Head back to the Maho Roundabout. On your third turn at the Pelicans, you will be heading back to Sunset Beach Bar.

Run – Exit the Sunset and turn right into Beacon Hill. Continue along the road, keeping right until the roundabout at the point of Beacon Hill. Run around the roundabout and return to the transition at Sunset.

Race Starts:
7:00am – 200m Swim, 8.5Km Bike, 2Km Run
8:00am – 2Km Run, 200m Swim, 8.5Km Bike
9:00am – 200m Swim, 2Km Run, 8.5Km Bike

At Tri-Sport in Simpson Bay from March 12th to March 17th
From 10am to 5pm OR call us at 545-4384

Entry Fee:
$15 and $10 for Juniors under 18

1) Helmets are mandatory during the ride
2) Tops are required for the ride and run portions of the event
3) Numbers must be worn at the front when crossing the finish line. If the time keepers cannot see your number, you may miss out on having a finish time.
4) Drafting is allowed due to the tight, short course
5) Count your own laps on the ride! Our volunteers are not responsible for counting your laps, only noting down your numbers to be sure you have completed the three laps that are required.
6) Smile and have a good time! No aggressive or disrespectful behavior.


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