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Off to the Races! Heineken Regatta Begins! Be sure to Map it out to catch the action.


1.jpgOn Thursday, all the racing is close to or inside Simpson Bay. The faster and larger boats will be in the outer box, the Bareboats (charter boats from companies like Sunsail and The Moorings) and the cruising boats will be in the box closer to Beacon Hill.


Friday everyone (we’ll very nearly everyone) goes around the island in one race. Starts are staggered between two start lines one at the western end of Simpson Bay (Bareboats and Cruising), the other at the eastern end (all the big and fast boats). The starts begin at 0900 and continue until about 1200 with the biggest and fastest starting last. There are planned delays in the starts to prevent congestion, and a great place to watch the starts is from Maho Beach or nearby.
Later in the day, we plan to get the boats bunched up near Point Blanche so the view anywhere down from Guana Bay to Pelican should be spectacular in the early afternoon from about 1300.


Saturday, we split the boats up sending the faster racing boats to the Anguilla Channel off Baie Rouge or Marigot for two demanding shorter races finishing in Marigot Bay before a longer race back to the Heineken Finish at about 1500.
The Bareboats and Cruising Class will stay on the south side with one race up to about Philipsburg and back with a second race further around Pointe Blanche and back.
The biggest and fastest boats will start in Simpson Bay with a race around the west end of the island and back followed by a longer race maybe as far as Grand Case and back.
Good viewing from several places on the French side!


Sunday is the Grand Finale, when we bring the show back to the Dutch side in spectacular fashion. One race for everyone, and an early finish.
Bareboats and cruisers sail along the western side of the island maybe as far as Blowing Rock off Anguilla, but probably shorter.
The big maxis, Volvos, and fast multihulls will bash out to a mark or rock in the St Barth Channel and the racing classes will go the same way but not as far. When these boats come back the sight of spinnakers filling the air from Pointe Blanche back to the big finish in Simpson Bay will be one not to miss!
Of course if the wind is from the West…


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