Community Fitness Saturday

November 4 | Escape from Reality Full Moon Paddle | Trisport | Simpson Bay | Saturday | 5:30 pm

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Join us for a relaxing Paddle under the full moon while we put the last month of hard work and sweat and tears behind us even if only for a few hours. We will meet on Kim Sha Beach in front of the Greenhouse Restaurant where you will be given a short paddling 101 course by Franck and JP. As we launch from the beach in Single or Double kayaks, enjoy the sound of the ripples below and the jumping fish as we kayak under the stars and into the Lagoon, dodging the sunken boats which will be marked with glow sticks. We will share a drink and toast our Irma survival while floating gently in a circle before heading back to Kim Sha Beach.
Bring along a flashlight so that you can point out sights along the way and a set of dry clothes in case you get a bit wet.
Sign up at Tri-Sport in Simpsonbay or call us at 545-4384. $19 per person includes your equipment and a drink on the way.


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