Community Saturday

October 28  |  Clothing and Item Giveaway  |  parking lot next to Jump up Casino  | Saturday |  10 am

It’s been over a month that hurricane Irma and Maria passed. Many people were left with lots of damages others homeless. This Saturday we will be having a goodwill event at the SEL maduro parking lot. 
If you or if you know someone who is in need of clothes come on over as of 10am.
H.I.R.T. Curacao did a clothes drive right after the hurricane hit us and has sent many clothing items and shoes for men, women, teenagers, babies. There is also bed linens and towels. 
Mothers with babies we also have some baby food, formula, baby diapers, baby wipes.
So come on over this Saturday. We will be there waiting on you.
Come early so you can get some stuff!!!
Location: sel maduro parking emmaplein (next to jump up casino)

Date: Saturday October 28,2017

Time: 10am-4pm
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