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A message to the Caribbean…. this is what is takes…

Try to imagine a day without access to fresh meats, fish, cheese, fruits and veggies… or try to imagine 1 month without. Well the people of the Caribbean islands such as St. Maarten, Puerto Rico and Dominica certainly can. The world is watching as St. Maarten – St. Martin quickly bounces back into business! And we have had inquiries to share our secrets with the other islands to encourage regrowth and restoration.

“First of all we needed stability on the island. Second came a great deal of determination and hard work.”  Anil Sabnani, Managing Director of the Le Grand Marche

Even with the possibility of business interruption insurance, our businesses in St. Maarten had to re-open quickly. Its not only about the vital aspect of providing jobs to our citizens, but also that for the stores and services that provide necessities such as grocery, there was no option to rebuild and relaunch immediately. Business had to open as soon as possible in a sustainable and steady manner to provide normal access to these fresh every day resources. Flights have started coming back in after the evacuation had lifted, so there was a re-influx of population.  People are coming to check on their families and properties and when facing such adverse, emotional times they need adequate access to “normal living” amenities.

Le Grand Marche teamed up with largest resort employer in St. Maarten, Sonesta Resorts for a food voucher relief program to its employees. The one thing to anyone or any business owner can learn from Le Grand Marche, is that (in adverse times of experiencing such negativity of extreme weather, structural destruction and even looting down to most of their shopping cart fleet) keeping a positive outlook, picking up the pieces, pulling together as a team, stepping forward to a new day and being there for the community is what matters the most in such times. #rebuild #regrow #restore #onelove #sxmstrong


Fresh meat! On Shelves now : Available at Le Grand Marche, Bush Road and Carrefour Express, Sint Maarten, Cupecoy



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