News Update

A message to the women of SXM

One thing to learn in tough times such as last September… is such a time will bring out the worst in people but also gives the best of people to really shine!  Many beautifully strong women of the SXM braced for the storm using intuition,  the skills of motherhood and survival.  Women really understood the impact, the necessity to communicate the needs, understand the needs at different phases, it’s also the women who got out there and help the community. Being some of the first to start giving out to the needy before “aids” could even organize themselves. Women took care of their families, and even at times stepped away from their our own damaged home, no power/no water situation, own kids and personal lives to assist others.  Women like Anna (Taco Macho) and Melanie (Toppers) quickly re-building their biz to keep staff  employed which was also very important. Don’t just  re-share chain messages on cancer to highlight the strength of womanhood. Don’t look at magazines and believe in “celebrities”… Just believe the amazing power of the woman in our community. Believe in genuinely connecting to beautiful peoples, spreading love and helping out others without expectations. Believe in uplifting those people through recognition and spreading awareness. We went through extremely difficult and dangerous times, when transporting drinking water and food products put us in more danger due to the lack of supplies. Military and the police force needed to organize and sort out distribution methods. We )(the women) understand the people, cause it is us who are connected to the community, we are the families, we were not scared, we shipped in supplies, picked up supplies, hauled boxes and hot meals, we got out the message to the word on the devastation, we did not evacuate. We are rebuilding… we are the moral support… we are bringing back feminity beauty, happiness and celebrations to SXM!


Any Feedback?